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In 1865 a budget was approved for a study with the idea of installing a 4th order lighthouse on the rock but nothing was ever done. In September 15,1926 an automatic acetylene-powered signal with a KMA 130 Trad 130 occultator was put into place designed by Mauro Serret.

It was maintained three times a month by the lighthouse keepers from n’Enciola lighthouse, situated eight miles away, weather permitting. Its frequent breakdowns were a real nightmare for the lighthouse keepers and mariners who often put their lives at risk trying to reach the shore in rough seas.

When the lighthouse was first opened, the workers responsible for its maintenance received 2 pesetas a day. It was generally the lighthouse keepers at Cap Salines who first reported any breakdowns. The light is now included in the network of radio-controlled navigational aids operated by the APB.

The rock is part of the National Park of the Archipelago of Cabrera.

Nearest lighthouses