Na Pòpia lighthouse (disused)

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Was designed by Antonio López y Montalvo. Na Popia started operation on March 20, 1852 as 3rd order lighthouse, with a pattern of a fixed white light alternating with flashes every two minutes, produced by a fixed catadioptric optic and three external vertical rotating lenses. The highest point on Dragonera Island at 352m was chosen, giving it the distinction of being the highest lighthouse above sea level in Spain. This great height meant that fog and low clouds frequently impeded visibility from the sea. As a result it was abandoned in 1910 to be replaced by two new lighthouses built at each end of the Island. The building had been designed in different levels to take advantage of the steep gradient. The continued electrical discharges caused by storms, high winds and the isolation suffered by its keepers, meant that it was one of the toughest postings in the archipelago. The building was handed over to the Treasury in the 1920s. The optical apparatus was dismantled and sent to be used on the coast of Valencia.
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